2015 Programs

2015 Programs and Speakers

Please Note: Unless otherwise specified, all meetings are held from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Church of the Hills located at 28628 Buffalo Park Rd, Evergreen, CO 80439

January 8

Program: Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection - Reading Yesterday's News Online
Description: For history buffs and Colorado enthusiasts. Join us for a free presentation about the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection, a service of the Colorado State Library and History Colorado. The Collection contains over 600,000 pages of Colorado newspapers from 1859 on, and over 160 individual newspaper titles. The Collection is still growing, bit-by-bit, and we add new Titles every year. We'll look at how to use the website and share some funny articles from Colorado's past.
Speaker: Mary McCarthy has worked with the Colorado State Library for over a decade. She currently oversees the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection.

February 12

Program: DNA: Unraveling Where We Came
Description: DNA: Unraveling Where We Came From will be the program presented by Nanci Markusson at the Thursday, February 12th meeting. The talk will include how our cells work to give us the information for our genealogy research, as well as, a look at the National Geographic Genome Project which, using DNA, gives us a view of the migration paths of early humans as they moved across our planet.
Speaker: Nancy Markusson has been an MGS Member for over 22 years and is one of our original members. She holds a Masters degree in History from the University of Denver and is also a member of the German Genealogy group. Having started genealogy research before the use of computers, she will be sharing her expeience in the current use of DNA in genealogical research.

March 12

Description: What is Wikitree?  Join us as we discuss Wikitree.com.  Wikitree is a One World Tree that emphasizes group collaboration and has the best online community for sharing information and getting help.

Speaker: Michael Stills, President of the Mountain Genealogists Society.  Michael has been using Wikitree since 2012 and is currently a Volunteer Leader at Wikitree.


April 9

Description: Janet Finley is sharing her experiences in how to date an old photograph based on where it fits in the evolution of photographic history and some tips on dating an old photo based on costume. She will share her favorite research materials and some very interesting stories along the way.

The tools Janet uses to tell the story of her photographs are: genealogy research, dating photographs based on their format, and costume dating. She soon discovered she was not skilled as a genealogist to the high degree that she needed but was fortunate enough to acquire the services of a serious practitioner. However, she did learn about photographic history and costume history. 

Speaker: Janet Finley: A native of Colorado, Janet began quilting in the early 1960s. Janet has been active in her local guilds and is a retired Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden, Colorado. Janet says, “I very early became fascinated with the story of quilt makers, past and present. I also love photography which led me to collecting quilts found in old photographs.”

For the past 12 years, Janet has been collecting these old photographs which number in the hundreds. In 2012, she published her book: Quilts in Everyday Life, 1855-1955: A 100 Year Photographic History.

She can be reached at jquilter@comcast.net and her website is: www.janetfinley.com.

May 14

Program: “Bear Creek Cemetery from its beginnings to now”

Description: Woody will be discussing the information that he has compiled on the Bear Creek Cemetery. Starting with the first burial in 1871 to 2015, Woody will describe the research he has been able to compile. He will show you that there are many graves sites still available in the cemetery.

Weather permitting for those interested we will be meeting at the cemetery at 5:30 PM for a tour of the cemetery. We will be done by 6:30 PM so we can get to the meeting on time. Park in the “Park and Ride” lot.

 Speaker: – Woody Hardman, MGS Member.  Woody has done extensive work collating and compiling cemetery data and records of the Bear Creek Cemetery.


June 11

Program: "Sons of the American Revolution"

Description: "Come learn about the Sons of the American Revolution and the activities of the local chapter."

 Speaker: –Robert Stevens, President of the Mount Evans Chapter of the SAR.

NOTE: This meeting will be held at the Church of the Transfiguration


July and August

No Programs / MGS Picnic


September 10

Program: "Tour of Conifer's Little White School House and Historical Society Presentation."

Description: Come learn about Conifer's Little White Schoolhouse and hear a presentation on the Conifer Historical Society & Museum.

Speakers: – Carla Mink and Donna Long Beck of the Conifer Historical Society & Museum.

Note: the Mountain Genealogists Society will meet at the Little White Schoolhouse in   Conifer.


October 8


Description: Old photographs have aesthetic and historical value and when they are family photos, there is also nostalgic and sentimental appeal. But sometimes those pictures are not properly identified, which greatly limits their value, both as historical objects and as family mementos. You need to find, copy, study, and analyze your family photographs thoroughly and often. You will need to examine your old family photographs again and again, seeking new clues and new identities.  This lecture will help you do so.

Speaker: Pat Roberts is a genealogy researcher, teacher, lecturer and writer. Pat is active in many national, state and local genealogy societies. She is a past president of the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies and past president of the Boulder Genealogical Society. An alumnus of the University of Colorado, with a major in English and a minor in history,   In addition, she frequently attends the National Genealogical Society’s annual conferences and was a speaker at the NGS 2015 national conference in St. Charles, Missouri. Pat is the Genealogical Preservation Committee Chairman  of Boulder’s Arapahoe Chapter DAR.

November 12


Description: In this presentation, learn tips and tricks for searching the more than 16 billion records on Ancestry.com.  Find out about using wild cards to improve your searching success.  See the differences between Basic and Advanced Search.  Get the most out of your subscription dollars and see what Ancestry.com features are available for free from home and from your local library.  Learn how to use the public member trees to get hints about your ancestors, connect with people researching the same ancestors and collect Ancestry database records associated with your family.  Live demonstrations are provided when high-speed Internet is available.

My talk will describe the features of Ancestry Library Edition and will point out what functionality and information is available from home for free -- something for everyone!

Speaker: Beth Benko is a professional genealogist providing family history research for clients and lecturing to local organizations. Beth holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Computer Science.  She worked as a software developer and manager for 30 years before leaving the corporate world to pursue her interests in family history.  Beth is an officer and volunteer in several local genealogical societies, a volunteer at NARA and Denver Public Library, and a member of the National Genealogical Society and the Association of Professional Genealogists.



No Programs / MGS Holiday Party