2014 Programs

2014 Programs and Speakers

January 9

The Scots, The Irish, and the Scots-Irish

Speaker: Harry Ross

February 13

Member’s Sharing

All are invited to share family stories, memorabilia, photos, etc. For more information, call Randi at 303-679-6797.

March 13

Teaching Grannies

Speaker: John Putnam

In 19th century Massachusetts, the labor opportunities for young rural women were very limited due to the continual agricultural depopulation of rural Massachusetts. Essentially, they had three options: 1) stay on the farm and risk not finding a husband as men depopulated the area too; 2) find a job in one of the many textile or paper mills that were thriving in the big cities as the Industrial Revolution gathered speed in Massachusetts: or 3) attend a two year normal school to learn how to teach children. The need for teachers was great due to the educational reforms made by Horace Mann in the 1840s and continuing for the remainder of the century which included the founding of the Normal School system for training new teachers. John Putnam traces five of his grandmothers who chose to teach. The presentation combines the disciplines of genealogy, family history, and social history to tell their stories and how this impacted their lives. Besides the story, John will share with you his quest to find archival materials to develop this story and presentation.

John is the past president of the Pikes Peak Genealogical Society (PPGS) and is a delegate to the Colorado Council of Genealogical Societies (CCGS). He is a Massachusetts native who has lived in CO most of his adult life.

April 10

County Histories

Speaker: Cari Taplin

County histories were generally compiled after the 1876 U.S. centennial celebration and were popular from about 1880-1920.  They were not generally documented at all, but through correlation with other research, these voluminous tomes can help researchers put their ancestors in their ;proper geographical and historical context.  These books are becoming increasingly available on the internet.  In this program, Cari will demonstrate various examples of county histories, discuss their background, show you how to find them and share some examples of how they can benefit your research.

May 8

How to be a Research Detective

Speaker: Pat Roberts

Can’t find that elusive ancestor, set of parents or proof of a link between generations? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could locate an unknown resource that provided the answer. It would be almost magic, wouldn’t it. In this lecture learn how to develop an approach to your genealogical problems that is systematic, logical and genealogically sound. The answers to your genealogical questions and the solutions to your family mysteries are waiting to be discovered.

June 12

What’s in a Name?

Speaker: Diane Barbour

Surname history and meanings

July and August

No Programs / MGS Picnic

September 11

200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner

Speaker: John Steinle

October 9



Speaker: Meghan Vickers

Meghan Vickers from Hiwan Homestead Museum will present the current exhibit at the museum.  A subject near and dear to our hearts…..the genealogy of the people that lived at the homestead.

No business meeting we will start at 7 pm.  Refreshments first!Hiwan Homestead Museum is pleased to announce a new exhibit entitled “Remembering Our People: Camp Neosho to Hiwan Ranch” celebrating the history of the colorful people who lived and worked on the property that’s now Hiwan Homestead Museum.Camp Neosho was home to the Williams-Douglas family, which included an Episcopal priest, a female doctor and a pioneer in the museum world. Hiwan Ranch was a working Hereford cattle ranch started by Darst Buchanan, who was an oil tycoon from Tulsa, Oklahoma.Hiwan Homestead Museum is a 25-room log mansion constructed in the Rustic style of architecture. It is located in Evergreen at 4208 S. Timbervale Drive and is a Jefferson County Open Space facility operated through a partnership with the Jefferson County Historical Society.

November 13

DNA:  Unraveling Where We Came From 

Speaker:Nanci Markusson

The talk will include how our cells work to give us the information for our genealogy research, as well as, a look at the National Geographic Genome Project which, using DNA,  gives us a view of the migration paths of early humans as they moved across our planet.  



No Programs / MGS Holiday Party

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